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Intermarriage. Pros and cons.

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Interethnic and interracial marriages have existed since ancient times. Marrying a foreigner was considered prestigious. Moreover, today, nothing has changed - mixed unions are very popular.

The statistics say that in the mid-90s the proportion of mixed marriages in Russia and Ukraine accounted for 22%. And in the mid-2000s, ethnic associations were 58%. It is obvious that the number of marriages over the past decade have increased substantially and continue to grow. At the same ethnic family, as a rule, twice as likely to create a Russian women than Russian men.
There are both critics and supporters of such marriages.

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Disadvantages of intermarriage

Experts conducting research marriages between different nationalities, called a few negative aspects of such unions.

1. This mismatch of cultures, traditions, customs, attitudes to education. It is because of these discrepancies often arise various disagreements, until the conflict. Usually have values such aspects of life as the daily observance of rituals and customs, culinary traditions and religious rites that take on special importance, not only during all sorts of positions and major religious holidays, but also during the organization and, at the birth and upbringing of children.That is, for any positive or negative significant events of life.

2. Often intermarriage meets misunderstanding and condemnation from others. Not only neighbors, colleagues, friends, unfamiliar, distant relatives can blame, discuss, gossip and look for insincerity, material benefit one or both representatives of couples who have decided to officially legalize the relationship. Quite often they oppose the union even close relatives and people from which most expect support

3. Some ancient peoples (eg, Armenians, Georgians, Jews), since childhood made to inculcate a sense of national pride and fear of assimilation, the confidence that is essential to create a family within their own nation. Moreover, many representatives of ethnic groups and to the present, in the era of globalization, are sure to communicate in everyday life is essential exclusively to their "tribe" in order not to lose the identity of bright distinctive national features, and not replace, not diluted, not to lose to merge their customs and traditions.

4. Another shortcoming applies to those who live in different countries. In such a family at least one partner has to face not only with a new mentality and way of life, but also a fundamentally different legal basis, the organization of health care. Difficulties have a young family may occur at different stages of life and formation, starting from the beginning. From an organizational point of view, it is not easy and quite troublesome moving to a permanent residence in another country for a visa, residence permit or citizenship. Often, an important role in the new place of residence plays a language barrier. It is no secret that many of the wives and husbands of foreigners, "cut off from the roots of" miss home, remaining at home with family and friends, favorite places, and even as it is not banal, familiar food. Of course, in comparison with the great love all this stuff, and if you love what you do not stop. If you want to find love, and you are looking for a serious relationship, thousands of Russian and Ukrainian girls are waiting for you. But of these grains and develops life.

A particular point in these relations is the issue of children born in interethnic unions. If the marriage is on the brink of ruin, and that's when the real problems begin. Often, it came from abroad husband / wife is less protected by the law, and the law put him / her in a tight legal framework. In examining, with which parent the children will live common, often not taken into account the wishes of children and parents, but only the interests of the state. Thus, if parents start to fight for their child, accuse each other of improper parenting and even child abuse, often, parents are alive, the kids get to shelters and even adoption.

Advantages intermarriage

According to psychologists, intermarriage teach society of tolerance and the ability to be sensitive to the representatives of different nations, contribute to improving relations between countries and ethnic groups. Due to such families more often and more discussed and resolved the legal conflict between states is growing mutual interest in culture and history of other people in public life, stimulated by social cooperation.

Opinion polls reveal that 35-40% of Russians do not believe in mixed marriages, considering them less durable compared to the mono-ethnic. From 15 to 20% of respondents are confident that all marriages are the same, regardless, of whether the wife of one nationality or different. A 30 to 35% of respondents are confident that international marriages - a positive phenomenon, and this family is more durable, compared to the "homogeneous", which is confirmed by the data of numerous sociological studies, surveys and censuses.

Psychologists believe: no matter mononational different national or Union. The well-being, harmony and strength of the family depends on the members of the family: the ability to forgive and forget the wrongs of the tolerance and patience, openness to new experience and respect from the warmth and fullness of feelings of mutual trust, a serious attitude towards the family and partner accountability , mutual affection and love.

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