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Advantages of the Ukrainian and Russian girls.
Why foreigners marry Russians or the Ukrainian girls?

marry Ukrainian girls

Ukrainians are the East Slavic people. In total there are about 45 million Ukrainians in the world. It makes them the third of number (after Russians and Poles) Slavic people.

Ukraine is associated like the most known country by search overseas grooms of brides by mail. And it is fair. It is difficult to refrain from acquaintance if you suddenly see how the Ukrainian women are beautiful. And Kiev is in general number one in our list of ten cities with the greatest number of beautiful woman. Moreover, Ukraine has also the magnificent Black Sea coast – a place where in summertime thousands of beautiful woman have a rest in bathing suits.
Believe me, on the Internet it is impossible to estimate true beauty of Ukrainian woman. So, visit Odessa- if female beauty is interest for you.

What actually foreigners think about Russians or the Ukrainian women?

Russians or Ukrainian women foreigners define in crowd unmistakably. Live you in Europe, America or Asia about five years, and you will "be allocated" all the same even without make-up and elaborate clothes. Why? What is such special in Slavic girls that they are recognized,despite of their not the best reputation in the world, given flowers, diamonds and other lovely features, endowing sometimes even the precious savings (that for the foreigner really is an act)

Feminity hormone

This hormone, we will call it the Feminity Hormone, attracts to Ukrainian and Russian girls foreigners, and not thriftiness, fidelity and economy at all as it is considered to be. "Even without heels the Russian woman will pass by you and your neck will turn it following itself", – Italians and Spaniards admire. Residents of more northern countries are amazed in Slavs by charm, vigor, cheerfulness and activity. The stronger sex of Japan, Korea and China calls the Ukrainian and Russian women friendly, beautiful, educated, but very "tall", and American men say that Russians and Ukrainian girls are "super-spacy" ("hot").

In Europe there is a secret proverb: "After Russian girls men don't come back to foreigners ".
We will try to understand what allocates Ukrainian woman and Russian woman in crowd and despite of everything dements quite normal foreigners.

1. Feminity. It is no secret that foreigners go to Russia or to Ukraine, as on an exhibition. "Here every day is a week of haute couture, in our country we forgot how it is beautiful when the woman carries footwear on a heel, romantic blouses and dresses",-they say. But, unfortunately, feminity not in Moscow, somewhere in Berlin will be apprehended well not, that absolutely in bayonets, and as something the very defiant. If you go on the square of the European capital on high hills, you will feel yourself like the monkey in a zoo . This feeling is familiar for many Ukrainian and Russian emigrants, who try to come with the fashion to others monastery … But! Some foreign husbands (and such the majority) intentionally forbid the wife "to reincarnate" in Europeans! However, dear girls, don't assume airs and remember: sometimes it isn't necessary to confuse "smartly" with "vulgarly" because there are also those foreigners,who believe that Slavs look very cheap …

2. Romanticism. As it is not strange, for the Ukrainian or Russian girl of concept of love and a family still have huge value. All of us want lunar walks, whisper on an ear, recognitions, one million scarlet roses on engagement and each wedding in anniversary. Foreigners consider such "gadgets" an excess and a remnant ( but though they dissemble, I think) …

3. Depth. Everybody without exception of overseas princes note that the Ukrainian or Russian women are 'very intelligent'. Mind, education and natural charm make them good interlocutors, therefore foreigners don't hesitate to take the Russian wives on receptions, banquets etc. And becouse of first point, the Russian or Ukrainian wife also eclipses on these banquets of all others.

4. Love to bright paints. If on streets of the European cities you see the girl in bright green, juicy-red or defiantly yellow cloth, in 90% from hundred he will be arounded by Russian girl. Our love to bright paints is noted by all foreigners: "Probably, so many years everything was forbidden to the Russian women by the goverment , that now they make up for lost time!" But not that it wasn't pleasant to Europeans, on the contrary: "Russians or the Ukrainian girls love red footwear or claret underwear it is very sexual!" And we adore products with an ornament, bikini of predatory coloring, transparent blouses and a lot of accessories. "Slavic women are crazy about flower drawing on clothes and gold jewelry",-notice French. The truth one more detail is emphasized by foreign men: "Slavic women aren't able to distinguish day and night when pertinently to put on this or that thing and when it looks out of place. For example, only the Russian can go to buy bread in red long boots from a crocodile leather …"

5. Strength of mind. This point foreigners try to solve in us for centuries. Force, optimism, resilience of the Russian women admire the foreign men, who are in panic from any trifle. And often the European husbands and learn to be stronger, quieter, more optimistical at the Russian wives, after all our woman with pleasure will become darling and the psychologist, like a vest …

6. Sexuality. As we could forget about it! The Russian or Ukrainian sexuality is not naked sites of a body (though, however, happens on everyone), it is a smile, thin gesture, turn of the head, a look, "incidentally" slipped dress shoulder-strap. In this art we don't have the equal. Foreign men think that Russian ladies have it in blood.

This list can be continued indefinitely. Foreigners consider the Ukrainian girls or Russian girls "extremely" cheerful, honest, generous, creative … They are excited by ability of Slavs to look after itself, always to look good, even for usual walk in shop. However, the habit of the Russian wives to spend the last money for lipstick or chulochka while the foreigner on the remained pennies will buy an excess card for phone rather slightly puzzles them, and in the worst – at all will hide. They, alas, aren't economical and prodigal. Though, in principle, this small weakness it is possible to forgive …

Ce n'est pas le secret que les femmes slaves ont de la beauté naturelle et de la féminité charmante. Notre site de rencontre ukrainien a une énorme base de données des beautés qui veulent se marier avec un étranger. Rencontres avec les femmes ukrainiennes et filles russes pour le mariage.

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